Internet stopped working yesterday and the ISP company told me they couldn't send a person for a week!

I'm stuck at home, I have to have internet.

Long story short, I got no sleep last night and I may have voided my routers warranty, but I got internet.

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    I kind of want to read the long story now...
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    @EmberQuill me too especially the voiding the warranty part. Did you put your penis into the router? @nerd-san
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    After you have enough sleep, I want the long story. 👀
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    @heyheni @EmberQuill @nerd-san
    Honestly now, this is definetly waking my interest.
    Speak, nerd-san.
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    @heyheni 😘trade secret.
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    Nothing so fancy. I heard some rattling around so I jimmied open the case with a butter knife and found that some of the ports had come disconnected from the board so I re soldered them. Then I factory reset it and manually pushed the firmware.

    Nothing difficult, just time consuming.
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    You have to fight tooth and nail to actually get them to honour the warranty on those things anyway. Usually they'll just try and charge you by default, no matter how obvious the fault.
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    @F1973 as he stated that's a trade secret. 🤫
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