!rant, but a feature request.

@dfox, whenever I use the comment box, it covers the whole screen. So, if I wanna tag somebody in my comment, I gotta close the comment box once, memorize their username since there's no autocomplete on @'s and then type back.

Either the comment box could be shortened, or autocomplete be added to user tag function, which could atleast detect the users commenting on the current thread (since programmers suck at memorising).

What say, DevRanters?

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    To tag someone click Reply on the person's comment.To tag a second person close the comment box(Click X on top left corner) , click Reply on the second person .Both @ tags to the two people will be in the comment box.
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    Do keep in mind that your text also stays in tact when leaving the comment box. Which is awesome as it helps in situations where there is a long comment you are replying to and you may need to go back to the comment to see a certain sentence or two again.
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    @QuantumAtom heh, TIL
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    @bdhobare @QuantumAtom Is this "documented" somewhere? I didn't knew either.
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    it works@bdhobare @QuantumAtom
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