So am I the only one that hates everything about the new Teams update? Tbf, the zooming function is cool. But I just want to use full screen.

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    Sometimes I forget I zoomed and end up wondering why I don't see what was being talked about. It's also not easy to switch conversations. What I like is that you can record and it autouploads to MS Stream website and just gives back the link. Same with how files will also will just be there in same conversation and you can edit simultaneously with others.
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    @iamai first thing I did when noticing the update was turn its effects off in the settings window, but that collaboration on the same file sounds very interesting for me specifically!
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    I was disliking teams before it was cool 😎
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    The new UI is very unintuitive, I like the features teams has, but damn, someone in UX needs to be shot.
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    Why the fuck did they move all controls on top?
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    @iiii @COD4 yes. I agree with all of the above lol
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    I just hate teams in general haha
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