Getting oversea calls all of a sudden. If you’re trying to scam me, at least speak the local language and check local time.

Talking to me in a language I don’t understand at stupid o’clock doesn’t help your case...

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    It's crazy how we developers are obsessed with perfection. Like at this point you are mad that the scammer isn't putting much effort into his scams. 😂
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    @vidu haha, true! 😅
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    Apparently that do dumb shit like that to filter out the ones with a little bit of IQ. Left are only the dumbasses that falls for those kinds of scams. And elderly who don't know about tech I guess.
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    Their local language, or your local language?

    (Why do people always feel entitled to be spoken at in their language?)
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    @acz0903 if you want something from me, my local language.

    Not sure if you’re talking about me being entitled, or the caller. But I’m also getting the feeling I’m the only one that has to do an effort 95% of the time.

    I speak 3 languages, and even if I don’t speak your language fluently, I will always try to make it work somehow. But if you call me out of nowhere, we’ve never spoken before, and you want something from me, you can put in some effort too. Especially if I’m speaking the main language of the country you’re calling.
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