Phoney call from MS:
- We at Microsoft have detected an issue with your PC.
- Oh, I only have a Mac.
- But that is fine, I will transfer you to the Mac department...

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    Oh I love those calls, genuinely, I do. They really break my day up and I can have some real fun with them...
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    Yes, I had my first, today. Asked him if it's not getting abit too old, this scam. Got angry like crazy, threatening me and yelling... Sigh...
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    @Paramite if you go to YouTube and search scammers, some YouTubers will provide some phone numbers so you can play with them.
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    @Bobj2008 Jolly Roger telephone has an amazing YouTube channel where he posts the audio of his bot trolling telemarketers
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    Lewis's Tech & Each&Everything are popular in playing with Tech Support Scammers.
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    My favorite telemarketer prank
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    @DeveloperACE thanks for sharing, this is funny
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    For a while, I had a virtual machine lying around in the case a support scammer phoned. The plan was to give them access to it, take a VM snapshot, let them poke around a bit and then revert to the snapshot and enjoy their reactions.

    Oddly, they phoned my relatives, some friend but never me, so I couldn't test my ploy.
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    /me fires up IRIX and VMS machines that are currently gathering dust
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    Had that kind of call for not so long ago, we seriously ended up screaming fuck you to each other. Such fun I have with them.
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    They actually have mac department. To support at least Microsoft office on OS X. I guess. 😂
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    I'm getting a lot of these lately for some reason. My view is simple. If they're going to waste my time I'll waste their own too.

    Whilst I'm working at my desk I have the phone on loudspeaker so I can keep him talking for as long as possible.

    They alwAys get pretty annoyed at the end which is a bonus. Talking everything they saying literally seems to work great. I.e. "Wwwdot" :)
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