Only pure evil can design a PC case that has reset button same size and shape like USB port and place it next to USB ports.

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    I haven't connected it to the mobo so it won't happen to me.
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    Continuation; imagine having a LAN gaming event during the weekend and needing to install Windows on 40pcs with cases just like those 🙄
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    @Alice It justs cuts the power from the psu as long as you press it
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    @Alice when you play (and break something) on kernel level, (e.g: kernel panic) it's useful to reset your machine also several times without the feeling of "choking it to death", saving time and your finger(s) health.

    i think that they should be added also to laptops.
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    @shelladdicted my Packard Bell used to have it, smack on the right side of the mouse pad and iot would hard reset
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    My case doesn’t even have reset button
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    Oh i can relate so fucking much.. do you know how often i shut down the whole fucking thing trying to open my cd drive..?😂
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    Jokes on you... that’s a big power button
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    ....... How can they design something like that O_O
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    Its probably apple who designed it ..... to say their imacs dont have that problem
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    @Gerrymandered Ayy I have the same case! That dang power led is so bright, I disconnected it from the mobo. Hahaha!!
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    @DrPitLazarus I ended up switching for a full-size tax case to fit my CoolerMaster D92. Now it’s running the most basic server.

    And yes, the LED is fricken bright. Lights up my room when left uncovered...
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    Just disconnect it from the Mainboard. ;)

    I did the same with mine, because my cat loved to step on it...
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    So nice to see some desktop PCs and not those shitty laptops.
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    @Gatgeagent are you sure for the "as long as you press it"? All internal lines or just the main 12V + 5V lines?
    I bet I hear my fans continue spinning while pressing it.
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    @Alice have you ever long pressed the power button on a running system? It does the same as reset I think.
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    What case you got?

    PurEvil ®
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    My reset button is pretty save 😎
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    @paradonym @Gatgeagent @Alice It does not cut the power, but sends an instruction to the system to reset all states to default. Easy example are microcontrollers, where you can simply jump to memory address 0 to reset. This doesn't reset some internal flags, but there's also a reset signal wich does the same + reseting the flags.
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    Who the hell connects the reset button yo the motherboard?
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