Ask a developer to code entire night

😏🤓No Problem. I was born to play with fire 😤😎

Ask a developer to complete the associated documentation in next couple of hours

😳🤬🤯 Better call the devil to take me to hell 😱🤒🥵

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    To be fair, writing documentation while sleep deprived is ill-advised.

    You could say this holds for code-writing too, but I’d argue that there’s the thrill of the chase for coding. It’s not exactly an adrenaline rush to write documentation.
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    @Amyshackels I was telling in general I mean.. not after entire night coding . Like I don't see many developers around who actually "like" documentation 😬
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    @nightviper I love documentation! I just... tend to write things for myself and not bother writing it as a result. But it was one of my favorite things at my last gig, keeping the documentation up to date so people onboarding after me wouldn’t be so... lost.
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    totally agreed. Mine own blogs sucks. I just put piece of code and good to go :P
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    Okay I can relate to not being excited having to write up documentation for hours on one go, but imo you really did something wrong if you didn't already scribble some things down. I like to keep up with documentation semi-parallel to the code so I always have a "skeleton" of it on-the-go.
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