Hello wonderful Salesforce peeps. I need to take the Salesforce platform app builder credential

What is the best site to use as a study guide/ exam prep?

Cause honestly I've been using Trailhead and I feel it's just a big advert for Salesforce and it's so condensed it feels like a beginner course and I'm scared the test questions will be more profound than what is displayed in there.

I am a complete noob in Salesforce but I do have CRM experience, DB experience, Security experience, and programming experience.

Help a Newb

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    Honestly, it is a giant ad, but it is also the most comprehensive and up to date content there is.

    Between trailheads and the developer docs, you won't find any better material.

    Do the trails and not just random modules.

    As a noobie on SF, start with admin trails before moving into the the dev trails, you'll thank me later.

    Also, order of operations and governor limits are the most important thing to know for Salesforce:


    Bookmark it.

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    @C0D4 thank you very much
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