I’m collecting the offensive words that target me personally. The more it stings the better.

I only need single words, the simpler the better. I don’t need a long burns.

Once I collect them, I’m planning to give them to my future sexual partner to call me proper names while they hatefuck me during a consensual non-consent session.

So please help me :)

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    Vanilla JS
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    @NoMad serious replies only :) I said they should target ME
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    @uyouthe PHP?

    I'm being serious :P
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    @NoMad meh, not so original
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    Beads Queen
    Straight Out Of Blacked
    Little Gloryhole rider
    Human Sexdoll
    Hanging Banana
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    @010001111 excuse me but what @Demolishun said is far more devastating 🤣

    (I’m writing that down thank you)
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    Closehager baby is the worst thing I've ever heard someone called to their face
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    @Stuxnet I don’t get it
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    • green dot / newbie
    • vodka slipper
    • Sane Russian
    • Chinaman/slanteye/chink
    • American/merifag/murican
    • Canadian/Canuck/Maple leaf/leaf
    • Mongol / horse tamer / horse breeder
    • Kiwi / birdie
    • Gypsy
    • Beautyqueen, princess, prince, Prince
    • Pony, MLP, Twinkle
    • Lenin, Stalin
    • Man-bear, Lumberjack, mustache, bicep
    • Hole in the wall, outhouse, latrine, dumpster, garbage chute, stink
    • Noodle, macaroni, baby banana, wrinkle, skin flap, little chili, thumbtack, thumb, pinky, lonely marbles, empty baster, peanut, pickle/gherkin, bouba tuba, ugly stick, Pepe le Pew / Pepe le who?, corn snake
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    @Root анусвагинапутанапедрилашалавахуиламошонкаелдаааа! Раунд!!!! @frogstair @norimyxxxo
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    @uyouthe Shut up, slipper.
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    @Root это некрасиво и безвкусно, твой рэп это дегенеративное искусство
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    @Root I appreciate the efforts but your so-called burns are one miss after another.
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    @uyouthe 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    @uyouthe first of all, I meant clothes hanger lol stroked out typing that apparently

    But it's referencing a wire clothes hanger abortion. So it's like calling them a failed abortion but worse lmao
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    "useless whore" if you just want them to be spiteful.

    also what do they call it when you're both a dom and a sub?
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    @Wisecrack I call that "cultured".
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    @Root wait... these are offensive words 😇. Whaat???
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    @inhamul Depends on context 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    stick bug,

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    Uninspired. Plain. Regular. Basic.
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