Can a sysadmin start Node web design?

I'm a Linux automation admin, and I always look at my friends developing nodes websites with poor UI and UX. I'd love to fix that but have no idea where to start from.

Any idea or git project / advice on where to start from?

~ exit

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    Of course you can! Just gotta learn it :)

    Can't give you much advice since I'm a cybersecurity engineer and ex Linux admin and current back-ender and I fucking suck at frontend but good luck!
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    Anyone can learn to code... just not well.

    But who might be able to code well, that is hard to predict and I'd encourage anyone curious to try for a little bit.
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    @N00bPancakes hey thanks for your answer.. Any advice on where to start from?
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    Hard to know that one. I just googled some stuff and tried some rando online classes to start. Just sort of played around.

    Later I ended up with some time on my hands and the option to take a coding boot camp. I have STRONG mixed feelings about such camps so tread carefully around those expensive waters.

    But nothing hurts as far as just trying various methods of learning and moving on to another method if it's not working.
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    What do you mean by node web design? I think you're a bit confused, node is server-side a javascript runtime, it doesn't really have anything to do with UI.

    If you want to make good looking UIs you need to learn CSS.

    I also recommend opening up Figma and start sketching out your interface before writing it in CSS, this will give you faster iteration times to see what looks good and what doesn't. Your first sketches are probably going to look awful, but after some time playing around you'll start getting a feel for what works and what doesn't. Take a look at the youtube channel DesignCourse for a few tips on web design.
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    Why node website? Usually you can get away with using some CMS (Wordpress, Ghost(node)). All you have to do is ask your friend to outsource some of their work to you. So they can give you a small task to work with. The hardest part is to find a client, coding itself is not that difficult, compared to all the marketing and networking you have to do.
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    Of course you can! Just try building websites, and write css until things look good.

    For typography, I always use sans-serif fonts, and my go-to in Monserrat

    For a color palette, try https://coolors.co/
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    It doesn't matter where you learn it from. Just pick up a tutorial and build shit. The first think you build will suck and the hundredth will be good. Node is no exception. That's how learning anything in programming works.
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