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Q: How do you impress shareholders?
A: Without understading any processes, I cut down half of the IT team, saving a few 100k a year. Adding stress to the remaining team that now has to maintain lots of extra stuff. But, who cares? I still will expect my deliverables on time.

That is correct!

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    In case of CEO, search new job.
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    Oh this is fun, here's an alternate answer:

    We cut almost all of IT people, now we give the remaining staff extra payments, but they must become a full stack developer which covers frontend, backend, native mobile (ios & android) and devops. Oh and all of them are working under one PM.
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    @volttide Why not take some of the money you saved by cutting the entire IT staff and boost your sales staff?

    Then you can show amazing sales numbers while also showing amazing cost cutting numbers.

    And yeah, the whole thing will fall apart inside 18 months... but you don't care, because you just move on to the next company that drools over your numbers before the shit hits the fan.

    Rinse and repeat for about 20 years and you have the current state of development/society.
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    Even better: Fire your IT and hire "very talented" freelancers for 1$/h remotely. And be surprised there are many problems.

    But you can still sell the reduced gross income because if the IT problems as an increase of income per employee (and many investors somehow think it means increased efficiency or so)!
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    In Germany we have this saying „Nach mir die Sintflut“ ("after me the deluge"). It simply means "I don’t care what’s happens, when I'm gone. Even if the whole company falls apart".
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    @Nanos lol
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