The forEach in JavaScript makes no sense. It looks like a map /filter/reduce but doesn’t actually return the array. Can you please loop like a normal language?

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    If you want to process the array, just use map/filter, foreach is for using the items in a loop, it's not useless.
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    Naming suggests it does not return anything.
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    It's basically why "map" and "filter" were created...
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    Foreach is the side effect in the function chain. It's not my preferred method, but it tracks.
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    Now I'm more interested in a language that returns a value from said list that's called foreach() 🤨

    It's really no different to expecting while(true) or for(i in 100000) to never return anything.
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    @theabbie @SortOfTested @C0D4 I get that it exists and that it works. I even use it. I just kind of hate it.

    for(let x of foo) {
    // 🖖

    const foo = foo.map((x)=> typeof x); // 🤟

    foo.forEach((x)=> console.log(x)); // 🦶
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    Sure, it's easy to hate

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    @SortOfTested Hah. I didn't think about that.

    I guess the part that I hate most is when people have a giant functional chain then plop a forEach at the end. foo.filter(...).map(...).reduce(...).filter(...).map(...).forEach(...)
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