My biggest annoyance as a front end developer is no longer knowing whether to do something in PHP or JavaScript anymore.

Seems to be creeping more towards JavaScript these days.

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    I use PHP for anything that needs to happen before the page is served. I use Javascript for anything during and after. PHP tends to handle dynamic content loading, and Javascript handles front end stuff. Doing this I find myself using PHP more.

    Edit: since youre front end, it only makes sense youd use js
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    @Notebookdeviant previously I would have generated the content server side and used JavaScript to interact in the browser, but now you can pass an object to JavaScript and have it render everything.
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    @chrisrhymes depends on the requirements. Does it need to be search indexed? If yes, server render. Is it a table of data that is ever changing? I would rather work with a table of data in js than in php.
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    You could use node :P
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