That date can mean two completely different things? So confusing!

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    @Letmecode i meant the doublemeaning of date 😱

    I can go on a date on a date and eat dates. But perhaps my date dont likes dates and cancels the date.

    Confusing 😁
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    @TktStatusPICNIC woah man I would have never thought units of measurement can be such a struggle
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    @Letmecode Technically, Fahrenheit is more precise than Celsius, but I hear you about US date formatting (MM/dd/yyyy). I think it follows how we say dates (December 12, 2016).

    Everyone should use ISO (yyyy-MM-dd) and make things a lot simpler.

    Everyone did misunderstand the OP, though 😄.
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    @Letmecode Well, there's 100 units between boiling and freezing water in Celsius, but 180 units in Fahrenheit.
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    @Letmecode You were talking about the imprecision of imperial units; you can divide any unit to make more precise, so you kind of debunked your own point.
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    @Letmecode Well I think we can all agree metric is less arbitrary.
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