When trying to find that one important note you wrote in Notepad++.

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    Lol I always keep notes or quick copy pastes in notepad++
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    The best part of notepad++ is that even you close the application, the contents of the tab are still around when you open it again.

    God knows how many configuration files I've "temporarily" put in them tabs...
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    My Atom editor looks like this all the time too 😂
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    Evernote! Have your notes not just on your computer but also on your phone :D
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    I use gedit for quick notes and stuff and i also write my thoughts down so I don't forget them but usually no more than 10 tabs.
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    Glad I'm not the only one who does this
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    @Jase Simplenote is nice too. I like it because my notes are mostly text based and do not contain images, etc.
    Great for saving those random .txt files lying around on my desktop. Evernote didn't work well for me because it was too heavy and had a lot of features I didn't use. Also simplenote's markdown support is a nice bonus.
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    I write those notes in notepad... N++ is for reading code
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