Joined a company 7 months back, was told they would be hiring other Android developers; a prospect I was excited by as I have not had the chance to work alongside my own kind.

Still no one hired, I'm the only Android dev and I'm still teach and working by myself. What should I do?!

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    I have been ending up like that for ages... Try to mingle with your kind some other way.
    Or quit and start at a really big project... But that usually comes at the price of you being allowed to explore and learn new stuff... It's up to you.
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    @saberrider thanks. Yea I've been thinking I need to find a meet up for Android developers.
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    Android devs are actually harder to find than what recruiters think. I guess they didn't lie to you, they just can't find what they want. Check if there are meetups on your area.
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