So at work I still haven't gotten enough time to try/learn Docker/Openshift...

Should I just login on weekends to play with it, create some small projects to see how it all works?

One part of me says it my boss really want me to learn it, then he should clear the time for me.

The other part is like "I'm learning this for my own good and it might be fun since I'll finally be doing something new... And then I'll be the smartass on this too"

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    I started by installing it over a weekend and running up LAMP and MERN containers.

    I don't really need much more than that, but that seems like a good place to start, anyway.
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    Well, docker is straightforward. Openshift is garbage, but if you're stuck using it might as well. Learn kubernetes, since OS is just a thin facade on top of it.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi @SortOfTested well I mean more just using corp infrastructure for my own benefit though also in a way doing free work as well....

    Then again I think I may be overpaid relative to everyone else now though...
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    Redhat development studio
    Redhat dev account

    Have fun!
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    I would focus on docker and less on a specific host platform like openshift.

    I would start by asking your boss to pay for an online video class about Docker.

    Then maybe you can find a good use case for running a docker during local development.
    (For example:if you have some Serverless functions in production you could set up something that runs an equivalent service in a a Docker while you are developing locally)
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