I have this little problem,

there is no constant electricity In the country where I live, in fact for the past 4 days there was not a single blink.

I enable auto save on my vs code to save me from tears,

now I have a file server with backup batteries and since it's a laptop mobo that was converted to a server, hooking up the battery was a no brainer.

I just saved copies of my files on it and if I edited any of them I'll just overwrite the file. this was only possible if I did this before the power goes out or else I am stuck again.

I decided to try vs code extensions that will save me from all that copy and paste work.

tried ssh, unsupported architecture error, didn't care I just needed ftp or sftp

I tried the simple ftp/sftp extension. worked pretty well. allowed me to connect to the server and add the remote directory to my workspace and with autosave the changes are uploaded immediately which means once power is out I can continue on my mobile phone(I have some android text editors that support ftp).

little problem. I discovered some things just don't work. even if I opened the whole directory, the contents will not be loaded unless I open them up like stylesheets and images and whatnot.

imagine having to open every single damn file before it appears on the browser, very annoying.

I need a solution, I have really tried.

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    Css cache generator should help on css part, otherwise try to get vscode ssh remote on the file server to exec extensions there.
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    Self hotst GitLab / Gittea and auto commit / push on save with githooks.
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    Also, buy a UPS.
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    I started building my house to countryside, my solution to this problem was diesel generator and ups. It takes few seconds to generator to start, meanwhile ups keeps things alive. My total investment was around 7k eur, but my generator has to keep other utility systems running too, you can setup on budget solution up for few thousand
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    @melezorus34 so I have to install vscode on the server too?
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    @C0D4 seems complex. I'll look it up. thanks
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    @Avimelekh lol. I am not even working but thanks.
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