You know what really grinds my gears?
People who think wi-fi == the internet

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    I know what you mean man! I once spoke to the support desk of my fucking internet provider and even this lady did not understand that my internet was not working even though wifi did.
    Aaarrgghh! What the hell!
    I hung up the phone shouting, after trying to explain the difference. Man that was frustrating
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    Buu it is
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    If you are evaluating wi-fi == the internet in js, that's true.
    You need to use the === operator
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    "Willingly I - Find Internet" hurr dürr
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    Or people who think Facebook/Google is the internet O_o
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    I find it somewhat confusing that == == === in JS 😐
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    most people think browser == online... they will never understand
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