Windows 10 is kinda beautiful :)

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    @loserboi looks like you haven't faced BSoD yet.
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    Wait till your first forced update happens.
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    it restarts at random times to install updates, then restarts again to tell that the installation failed and restarts again to roll back, then restarts again so it can download the same updates and
    goto updateproc;
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    @Siddharthkr93 Even the Windows 10 BSoD is beautiful IMO
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    It's somewhat pretty... but is it easy to use?
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    Once I Fullscreen my virtual bash terminal, I agree! ;)
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    true but I prefer KDE
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    Looking forward to Redstone 3 and the nice design changes 😅
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    @vinaysshenoy this will change with the next big update 😂
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    Yeah it is beautiful! Oh wait, sorry, had my Linux VM in fullscreen.
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