Microsoft is always at it.

Hello, I recently discovered this eye candy of a looking website and how good the CSS looks (Kudos to whoever made this) , and I decided to post a rant of my own. And its about MS Edge and other applications.

So I built my own ATX tower a while back (Loving it) , and I found that it was WONDERFUL to have a computer that was brand new, that didnt have candy crush preinstalled on it when I got it.

Windows 10 users, do this:

Press WIN+I to open the settings menu.
Go to "Apps"
Scroll down the list....

How many applications do you see there that are actually useful , or that you have downloaded?

I never downloaded a Realtek Driver... and I never need it for anything to work. This is the case for 90% of the things you may see in the applications.

Why is HULU installed?
Why is NETFLIX installed?

But I digress, this is the case when I work on a computer such as my grandmothers who, bless her soul, isnt very adept at basic file management. Heck , she uses free Norton Antivirus against my recommendation to use the PAID active firewall application on her computer (VIPRE)

So needless to say she needs help. All the time.

So here comes microsoft recently, reinstalling like 15 different programs on her computer , including MS edge. Who else is tired of bloating? I know I am.

I recently found this program on Git!
Its the Sycnex Windows 10 DeBloater
But guess what? DONT USE IT.

Wanna know why?

Because if you do, it works, and if it works, it disables:

- Cortana (basic search engine for your OS, good luck finding candy crush).
- Microsoft Store (That means no XBOX games pass either)
- It breaks part of the file explorer

Wanna know why? BeCaUsE it geTs riD oF Ms EdGe

And believe it or not, apparently MS edges source code is Mandatory for certain functions on your computer. So even If you try to uninstall the browser, it stays behind in some form.

So there you have it. They hard coded it into windows.

So its not even the author of the GITHUB programs fault, its just a real techincal limitation of the platform.

I hate that stuff man. I really do. There should be 20 things installed on my computer and thats it. Everything else is just, space for games on a solid state. Or Eclipse Photon, etc.

I would post links to show you guys a few things but. Unfortunately I cant post URLs yet!

However, thats my first rant. Hope you liked it.

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    Surprise surprise, removing the shared HTML renderer breaks apps.
    If you remove WebKit (-gtk, -qt) from a Linux distribution, apps will break. Same on Android if you remove both, Chrome and the System Webview.

    Going back to Linux: It also has a plenty of built-in drivers by default, which can only be removed by rebuilding the kernel.


    Though you are perfectly right that preinstalling a high amount of games and bloatware on pro version of an operating system by default is absolute shit behaviour.

    About Minecraft Beta: Maybe it is the beta branch of the Windows 10 edition (not the Java one)?


    Anyway, welcome to devrant!
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    If you've found a way to remove Edge on 2004 please tell me lol, I've had no problems removing most MS proprietary stuff, but Edge won't die no matter what I try

    Also, you can customise the blacklist in syncex and keep stuff like cortana if you'd like
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    Just use gentoo or arch, really. The absolute freedom to install only the packages you need. But you’re a bouba and you’re not ready to fight ms. Prove me wrong
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    Are you aware that with these scripts you can choose what you want to disable? It expects you know what are you doing and associated impacts, hence the "at your own risk" banner.

    But I admit I liked the Disassembler0/Win10-Initial-Setup preset config better than Syncex.
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    How else would apps render html?
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    @kiki Whats a bouba?
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    They could easily make another applications that supports rendering it that isnt edge,

    MS has money? They can do whatever they want if they put their collective brainpower to it.
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    Yeah I saw that but, I wanted most things gone entirely, i was willing to give up the games pass thing but, cortana being disabled is a harsh reality where you cant search for anything and, I dont want 100 shortcuts on my desktop you now whati mean? (Like file path shortcuts I mean)

    Also, maybe ill try that one instead!
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    Also: Is gentoo or Arch a Linux Distro youre talking about?

    The problem with linux is that it doesnt have amaing support for the games I play, Otherwise I might consider it.

    Ive taken a linux class here and there, im not a server admin by any means but I can mkdir or what ever else.
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    @Entity-01000101 Then you would have edge that you can remove and basically-also-edge-but-built-as-a-library that everything depends on.
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    Right, but then it wouldn't be a web browser, it'd just be a library for essential windows functions and , maybe it wouldnt take up as much space, it wouldn't even be named edge either, it'd just be a file somewhere deep in the system that you dont really see like everything else.

    I mean sheesh, the new windows feature update is legitamately just built around their edge web browser. You can ALT+TAB through your tabs in the edge browser with the update, Im not saying that microsoft is demonic and that they deserve no success, but what I am saying is that, if you are gonna go and build a web browser based off of chromium archetecture you didn't write in order to be viable in the web browser race like everyone else. You shouldn't have the right to use your OS as leverage so that everyone downloads your web browser and uses it just because its a part of your OS and brand.

    Besides, why the hell would I want to alt+tab web pages when I can just use CTRL + TAB and CTRL +SHIFT TAB.
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    Man you’re a Markov chain
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    @Entity-01000101 I don't think you'd save a lot of space because most of it is the engine.
    Windows needs a browser out of the box, and Microsoft isn't going to ship someone else's product, hence why Edge exists.
    While they're wrapping a FOSS engine in their own GUI they might as well integrate it with the shell, hence why the alt-tab integration.
    You can remove the icons and change the defaults, and an extra entry in the list of all software isn't going to hurt, this way you effectively get rid of edge.
    The only unfair practice is how updates reset the default browser and reinstall the icon.
    Did I leave something out?
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    @kiki I'll never not love your insults.
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    @Entity-01000101 Btw the collection of "essential windows features" you're referring to is a browser engine, nothing less.
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    Thats not a very good one .
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    Buddy, you get the point.

    I dont want edge on my computer.

    Period. Doesnt have to be edge. Could be mozilla.
    Could be chrome, Could be fuckin Opera.
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    Btw you arent intellegent just because you use a mathematical model to insult someone.
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    @Entity-01000101 I don't get the point and as a power user your desires should be more exact than that. You don't want it to hog your resources? I just explained why this wouldn't help. You don't want it to take up screen space? Just remove the icons. You don't want it in the list of installed apps? Well, the general approach is that if something is available to the user it's present in that list in case they need it.
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