Dont become a dev if you:

- Cant sit in the office for 8-10 hours a day

- Dont know how to google information/ errors, instead you interrupt your teammates with stupid questions every 5 minutes

- Are a perfectionist and don't like constant change.

- Are neurotic and give up easily. If you get triggered about broken or messy things to the point where it ruins your day to you and everyone else around you. You need to separate your work from your life.

- Don't have good communication skills. Worst I saw was a guy who speaks with a stutter(nobody understands him) and also writes very poorly (nobody understands his emails). Also he gets very angry when you ask additional questions to clarify what he said. How can you work with someone like that?

- Are very sensitive to critique. I prefer someone telling me that my code is shit and telling me why, instead of feeding me delusions and false validation.

- Dont know how to balance working in team and working solo. Nobody likes lone wolfs who are arrogant and not in sync with the team. But also nobody likes to drag teammates who cant think for themselves and even after years of spent in the field are required constant spoonfeeding because they are unable to google and teach themselves with trial and error.

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    You just discriminated against stuttering people, told people with borderline disorder to “just separate your work from your life”, filled your rant with black and white things like “nobody likes devs who X”.

    Your rant looks like a deliberately crappy job description that they send to people so they decline and the company has the evidence that people from EU don’t want to work here so now they’re allowed to relocate a talented guy from India or Russia.

    This comment has nothing to do with what I told you when you insulted me under my rant. Try to defeat the argument, not the author (who is a weak, mentally ill, double digit iq person).

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    @zemaitis right now

    The power of your butthurt could supply your country with energy for like a whole year
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    @kiki Stop living in your delusions, we will be powered from Belarus brand new nuclear powerplant. Hopefully it won't explode like Chernobyl in SSRS.
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    @zemaitis lol what a doofus. You’re saltier than 12yo kid on xbox live
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    Jesus Christ this guy tho
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    Future CEO, that's a-what he is!
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    @kiki cant be saltier than millions that your country sent to die while defending Stalingrad. They were even shooting their own ppl that were retreating. Im not even talking about your putin elections. Next time think before flexing with your shithole country and retarded accents.
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    @zemaitis back for more eh
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    @kiki just fly away Andrej to your sweatshop office where you are outsourced in order to work for 200 euro a month
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    @zemaitis this is Finland in 2030
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    @zemaitis this is your country in 2030
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    @kiki this is your president in 2030
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