People of DevRant who are involved in recruitment.

Eventually I want to look for a new job as a "proper" developer.

I've just started the 2nd level/year of my OU degree and I'll be working on that for another few years.

I won't start looking seriously until after covid etc and the economy has calmed down a bit.

What sort of projects do you recommend someone trying to get their foot in the door should have on their portfolio?

Should it be fully fledged applications like a big tracker/help desk or smaller projects which showcase knowledge of a particular subject e.g. programs that show knowledge of different algorithms etc?

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    I've gone my entire career without a portfolio.
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    @SortOfTested me too, is it really needed for young people these days?
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    @SortOfTested #meToo
    My "portfolio" literally redirects you to LinkedIn, I've never bothered actually building one, and I doubt I ever will.

    But, your GitHub projects.... that's another story.
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    Thanks, by portfolio I mean my GitHub projects etc.
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    Same, I have like 2-3 personal "fun" projects on github but usually I don't even share my github when looking for a job.

    Ok last time I was looking for a job was like 8 years ago, maybe rules changed.

    But when I'm consulting for hiring someone, if they provide portfolio, i'll look at it, if not, not that important
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