I don’t like to judge people based on what languages they like (because I like all of them). But I can’t deny the pattern anymore.

Smart people know and enjoy smart languages: Smalltalk, OCaml, Clojure, Lisp, Haskell, etc. They may use JavaScript or PHP to make money, but ask them to code in their smart language and they’ll be more efficient. Getting old, some of those people say “screw it” and find a Haskell job.

You, my friend, are not one of those people. You are VSCode-dwelling goblin who thinks lambda calculus has something to do with JS arrow function notation, is scared of reduce() and not even good at the single fucking language they know.

Insta coders and that mechanical keyboard collector dorks are not “superstars” you got to be like.

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    Holy shit, pop off sis. *snaps*
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    I don’t like to judge people based on what languages they like...

    You are VSCode-dwelling goblin!
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    saying people who like and (/or) only know JS are stupid isn't judging. that's just a statement of objective fact :-P
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    Can I get an Amen?
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    @WeAreMany so primal yet so futuristic
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    You're just a sanctimonious buthurt who wants to tell other devs what is and isn't right, mad that people don't appreciate and value what you do as much as you do

    Go burn witches for using GUI
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    Gosh, I’d kill for a job where I got to use F# or Haskell or maybe OCaml....

    ... oh wait, I already have such a job. Nvm me.

    *silently laughs at their colleague doing JS using a big $$$ 2pc mechanical keyboard with some custom keyshit*
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    I also am noticing a pattern...

    "functional programmers" tend to be full of themselves.
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    @Demolishun This is an accurate observation.
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