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    eye tracking wouldn't be needed. you can estimate the time needed to read and enable comments after that time has elapsed. it would catch users coming back to comment but I guess watching eyes would have the same problem unless you store a variable server side.

    anyway carry on
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    Ha! I guess you'd have to read the whole user agreement before you can register.
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    If they come to create this for user agreement, the world is doomed.
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    @thiagoavadore If they create this for PayPal TOS, Elon Musk is doomed.
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    Bs to the power of e, what if somevody is quickreader ?
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    @jckimble Some people read incredible slow, and some incredible fast.
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    @Gatgeagent slow readers would be at an advantage here. and for fast readers setting the wpm to 80 would cover most if not all fast readers since the timer would start as soon as the page is loaded and focused. now I'm not saying it's fool proof cause it isn't but it would make capchas not needed and it would cut most of comments from people that just read the title and comment
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    @Gatgeagent but if your point is that slow readers can comment without reading the whole thing I guess you can use the screen density to figure out how many words are readable and stop the timer until they scroll down and repeat until the whole article has had time to be read. add in focus and unfocus to stop the timer when it's on a background tab and you would have a pretty decent setup made
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    Why not just add a random sentence somewhere in the article that says something like "This chicken is Turquoise" and then before someone can comment they have to answer a question like "what color is the chicken?"
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    I like the idea!
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    @marcor I would make a WordPress extension from it if I could be arsed to fuck around with WordPress :P
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