Mathematician girl invites me to code some lines.
I arrive at her flat and she was alone so some part of me thought ehem. Anyway i took a look at the program first.
Me: so... it's a date?
Her: no im using cosmic radiation.
Me: huh?
Her: yeah accessing a value from a sensor gives a..

(Apparently she thought i was asking about the Random Function she was using, which usually uses the date)

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    Since she's into math, use it to get through the barrier..
    Ask her some slightly cheesy math expression that equal unity, one.

    If I'm sin squared theta would you be cos squared theta? ;)

    If you want to rush things, an equation that equals I <3 u?
    Something like 9x-7i>3(3x-7u)..

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    I suck at flirting man. The timing is always off.
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    Well.. Sometimes it's better to be blunt :)
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    Hahaha oh god poor you
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    I have the best line for it... she will love it:
    "Do you code in C? Because I can show you the variable C+1"

    That was supposed to be the D. Because then you will give her the d, that stands for .. huh huh?

    * =/ I will show myself out
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    Lol I thought you were talking about the random function too
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    If you were helpful with the code, you probably got some cool points with her :)
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    Ask her if she want your external hard drive.
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    @lucknlol Suck at flirting? Yeah, me too. So, I practice active listening instead, which I learned for a completely different purpose in meditation and sharing circles. Much more efficient than flirting.
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    @demc Turn your external hard drive into an internal one
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    Friend zone
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    Just get a bottle of wine and ask " are we doing this or not". It's a Boolean situation, at least you'll know for sure.

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    Stick with anything random
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    agree with @sleepyDevHead because this is for what you were there
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    @sleepyDevHead I'm just nooby, wanna help me out with my code?
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    @MrKind this is not for what you are here :p
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    @rehman I'm up for github n chill with an experienced female developer who can teach me a thing or two any day!
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    @MrKind lol GitHub and chill. Such a flirt. :p
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    @sleepyDevHead twas an invitation actually.
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    @MrKind hahaha I read your first comment though :p
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    @sleepyDevHead right? It's just irritating sometimes my GotToMate() brain function is overriding my JustBeARationalNiceGuy()
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    @lucknlol Haha :) Better to justBeARationalNiceGuy() because by design, the return type for gotToMate() will likely be void :p
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    @Grumpy it's also just the nicer thing to do.
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