I'm tired of listening to interns suffering in bad positions and being unable to change things. All I can do is listen and empathize.

I just want people to enjoy working here, but there's a bad vibe tide coming. I don't know what I can do to help.

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    Well, what exactly is it that they’re struggling with?
    Are you in a position to help?
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    @EDragon They are being shuffled between areas that did not correspond to their hiring, basically. I'm a senior that has a lot of leverage in most areas but I'm not the one making the personnel decisions, you know? The only thing I can do is foment automatization to decrease workloads in the timesinks they were allocated in.
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    Sooo how do you end up having to listen & empathize so much?
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    @EDragon Because I usually mentor and monitor every intern from onboarding until hiring and I'm the one with the most leverage with the bosses. I make sure I have 1:1 meetings with everyone that needs feedback from my squad and even with some guys outside my field to receive and translate their feelings into actions for each cycle.

    We had a chronic lack of leadership figures. New seniors are coming to hopefully remedy that, but until they accrue enough respect inside their areas I'll try to help wherever I can.
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