Never forget the WHERE clause on UPDATE :(

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    I feel you brother.
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    Been there... Done that.... Didn't even notice it until i came back to the office the next day to see that ove nigh there were thausands of notification mails sent again :/
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    @njmuggio that's exactly what I do.
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    @njmuggio i have to "Update" rarely, I think that's the reason why I forget it so often, but it never happened on very important data and mostly I have auto backups 👍
    I should try to get used to it to start with update where, sounds interesting :D
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    That's exactly why I always use transactions before I commit queries like these.
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    Type ZZZUPDATE then erase the ZZZ when you're ready
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    Or use an ORM!!!
    Gezzus people use an orm!
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