Sysadmins should not be doctors

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    Sysadmins tend to do a better job. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    At least sysadmin has backups and fail safes
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    Maybe I'm going to sound a little bit extremist, but I feel like we should be less scared to do this with humans.

    If a human is obsolete, and is completely beyond patching/repurposing, just pull the plug?

    I have two family members in the hospital right now -- my biological father and a further removed uncle. Both are 70+.

    Both are suffering, one from post-covid infections, the other from cancer. Both would, best case scenario, need many years of energy-draining painful training to even be able to walk, enjoy a meal, or visit a toilet on their own.

    Of course, humans should be viewed as a bit more than just hardware/software systems with an obsolescence date.

    But just as with hardware & code, there comes a time where you just trash it, and start over. Our selfish DNA even found a great method for that: Before the old system starts failing, our method of migration is procreation.

    I would personally not want my 70-year old ass to suck up any valuable hospital space.
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