I had a coworker who was quite socially awkward.

When one of our female coworkers got pregnant and began to show, he got up from his fresh, walked over to her in the middle of the office while she was trying to work and said "I love your stomach. Every time I see you I want to rub your belly." He then turned around and went right back to his desk and resumed working.

Many 'did that really just happen?' looks were exchanged.

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    Yeeee, think he might have some sort of fetish for pregnant women or something like that : v
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    @Nereus maybe just an awkward complement that went wrong?
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    Tbh, I am also as weird as this guy. Sometimes, I am just a bit incautious while trying to be funny, and offend some friends in my past. Like, saying "you make me want to c*m" to a boy, then he thinks I am gay, but I am just joking xD
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    He is so sweet
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