Men fo real! I dont rant so much because I think its a negative attitude but let me do it anyway! Listen. My boss boss told me to create a dynamic drop which I did. A backend request then display it on the frontend which is easy, then on code review he ask why do we need this error handling. Bruh as soon as I heard that question, I got covid. Bitch we do need that error handling because if theres error on requests it will set to default options, but I didn’t say anything tho. I just ask what will happen if there’s an error?, he said I don’t think a simple request will respond error if you did it right. Then I agreed and remove the code. Hot damn! Mind you guys. When they started the app there are no test code. 0, nada, nothing inside the spec folder.

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    How stupid of you to not say anything when you had something and to agree eventually

    Well, you think ranting is related to having negative attitude. Good luck
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    Ranting is not a bad thing FFS.
    A rant every now and then is calming as fuck.
    Although your boss sounds like a fucking cunt, it’s kinda on you to bitch back when that bastard talking retarded bullshit..

    See? Already feel much fucking better..🙂
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    @asgs ranting about everything I think its bad. Thats what i meant. Peace. I dont know. I just respect him because he’s older and he’s my boss.
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    @just8littleBit for me ranting about everything even small thing is bad. I guess i listen too much motivational speeches. Although i should have said simething. 😔
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    @r-fu Respecting someone because they’re in a position of authority is bloody stupid. People need to earn respect, not just grow into or be promoted into it. I’ve met so very many old idiots.

    Honestly, it’s the same as someone saying “but I’ve been doing it this way for 30 years!” Said differently: they haven’t tried anything new in 30 years, and certainly haven’t improved at all. Talk about embarrassing!

    If you know better, speak up.
    If someone is being an idiot, speak up.
    If someone is going to get offended at being corrected, they’re useless.
    If that someone is your boss: you find a better boss!

    Take some inspiration from courage wolf, not socially awkward penguin.
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    @r-fu no offence but when
    Reading your previous rants it seems like you’re much more agreeable than I’d good for you.

    If you listen to stuff like that, take a look at Jordan Peterson..

    “A nice, agreeable man is not a good man. A dangerous man who has it under control is.”
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    @Root wow. Strong words ma’am. I don’t know but maybe this attitude of mine comes from being asian. “Always respect your elders, don’t talk back unless asked to” but I’m gonna man up next time and stop accepting crap from others. You could call me yes maam yes sir. Ill be agreeing to everything. Lols. Thank you!
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