I worked on a company with an open floor plan where you would get a desk assigned depending on the type of project you worked on. All the desks were modular an you would get a desk with a cube with a set of drawers, or with a locker-like cube with a single space and door. When this guy started, he was assigned a drawer set. Around the third day he went around the office asking anyone with a locker to trade cubes. He finally got one. He filled it up with liquor bottles, cans of juice and several types of glasses. He would prepare himself cocktails during the work day. Once he was enjoying a Coca-Cola and whisky mix when the HR boss came around to ask what he was up. He offered the guy a drink.

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    Well... Did he accept it?
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    Yes, what happened?
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    Don't leave us hanging!
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    @eeeddr, the HR guy just looked at the dev with a smirk and quietly turned around. He went his way making gestures; you could see he was thinking my coworker was a bit crazy. But they didn't fire him until the next round of layoffs, so I guess the HR manager liked the idea of having a private bartender.
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