So I teach a Lego mindstorms class to 5th graders for fun on my spare time. My other classes the kids usually seek me out for any programming questions but this one class of rambunctious boys would always say they're fine when I offered to help and then when they thought I wasn't looking would ask the male teacher or would pretend to listen to my explanation to not hurt my feelings. Finally my co worker told the guys "you know guys she went to school to program she does this for a living full time when she's not here. **room goes silent** In fact she's way better at programming then me". The whole room the boys mouths were open and one kid actually said noooo. We blew those kids minds. Most quiet day of class we've ever had after that.

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    It's sad to see this stereotype engrained in such young people. Keep blowing minds! It makes a difference!
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    Bizar indeed! And at such a young age!

    Your nickname is the coolest though! 👍😂
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    Slightly off-topic but Lego Mindstorms are awesome and it's pretty cool you teach them. I loved them growing up and kind of miss using them even now :) I think it's because in general I still really enjoy Legos and do buy sets from time to time.

    Any cool projects you/your students have done?
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    Haha it's great that they learned this lesson early. Keep up the good work! Keep blowing minds. Keep defying gender stereotypes.

    Also, Wild! I teach on my free time as well! Even a mindstorms class! I'm also a full-time dev and am familiar with the troubles in these environments. I know some of the feels you have. We should connect, if thats even possible here?
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    @dfox What are those things? Heard of them but that's about it
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    @adorkable You can also blow their minds once again by teaching them a fun historical fact. The very first 'programmer' in history was lady Augusta Ada Byron King, Lady lovelace.

    Beautiful lady, i might add.
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    @dfox the class I mainly teach is very much FLL challenges (first Lego league).
    We do have themed camps though like for Minecraft the kids made creepers that exploded (camps are designed for beginners) and we also have them program in Minecraft. Sometime I really want to post the stuff the kids have made because they are awesome
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    @sleepyDevHead I'd love to connect! I have no idea how though... Are you on twitch or reddit or something else
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    @adorkable Cool! ^_^ There's a link to my Twitter on my profile OR I can totally get a twitch account. What's your twitch?
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    @sleepyDevHead following you on Twitter :)
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