so I had coworker that I hardly knew that started hitting me up on our Lync chat system in a sort of creepy way. at first he would just ask my advice on things a lot but he seemed like he was always looking for an excuse to come by cube. then I completely changed divisions within my company. there was no reason why this guy should still be hitting me up with tech stuff but he would still every couple weeks out of know where wanna engage. he'd try to find some technical reason but nothing we did now even remotely related. so one day I kind of said to him why are u coming to me with these issues still. he said "u haven't figured it out yet. u don't know this but we know each from a long time ago". so now I'm like going through all my early schooling, college, other jobs with him. he says no to all of that. he finally says it's in the spirit level. like from another life and he's surprised I have noticed it. 😮😮😮

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    How silly of you. Why didn't you notice?
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    in his defense, he was from Africa. Ethiopia maybe. I chalked it up to some cultural misunderstanding. told him I did not feel what he was feeling. and that he should be more careful saying stuff like that to people where I work. he was generally a nice guy. he hasn't bothered me since our last discussion. so I think he got the point.
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    Sad to hear it's a cultural disconnect. Reading your rant, my eyes got real wide and the word 'CREEEEEEEEPY' scrolled across my vision.

    Humans are social creatures, though, and there's a chance he's just feeling isolated (or thinks you might be). I'd reach out, go for a drink or lunch with him sometime and see what his deal is. Winter can be hard on everyone. Obviously, don't do this if it seems dangerous/unwise.
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    I was pretty nice about it with him, considering how odd it was I thought. but not comfortable with going to lunch. I do think he wanted a friend. I kinda explained to him that this type of approach was awkward and would generally be misunderstood and to just be careful in the future. it was constructive and as friendly as I could be in the situation.
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