I was doing a demo and went to quickly launch PGAdmin from Start. I hit the Start key and typed "pgad" because that usually works as an application launcher for "PGAdmin". Cortana decided to ignore the program in the start menu and instead showed the audience info about about PGAD.

A whole room full of people now know about
Thanks Cortana.

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    Damn, that disorder is unheard of
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    @asgs its so unknown that it even doesnt have its own dsm or icd number.
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    I don’t get it. Is this a rare disorder? Or is this a thread about how common it is? Or is this some disorder that had a recent pop culture reference?
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    @irene its about not verifying your demo environment :)

    I know the feeling. Around 1997 we where hosting seminars for businesses about internet and webpages.

    At one of the locations, with 80 paying small business owners sitting waiting we find out that the locations internet connectivity was not available in the conference area, only in their office across the yard ;)

    So the first half of the seminar I had to wing without internet access :P until we had jury rigged a 200 m tp cable lying on the gravel in the yard.

    Thats the wrong kind if excitement.
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    @Voxera This was on my development machine that I use every day. I use that shortcut to launch it every day.

    So I don’t know what Cortana’s problem is.
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    @irene The idea of embarrassing you aroused her. 😉
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    @Root This explains why Cortana always finishes before I do.
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    @irene The problem when we try to make computers “smarter”

    Sometimes they get creative in the wrong direction :)
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    @Voxera I’m ready for the dumb computer revolution.
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    The most embarrassing part shouldn't be, what Cortana said - but that she was there in the first place...
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    @Oktokolo well, I see how my youngest daughter uses the digital assistant to avoid having to learn shortcuts which also lets her get things done while having both hands occupied.

    And I see the ease of use, I am just not used to speak up ;)

    But ai do agree that I would not want cortana or any other assistant meddling with my written commands and try to search the web for a misspelling ;)

    The command line should keep its focus.
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