Rant (that's kind of unusual here these days): can you please stop writing "code" as a rant? It's not witty, it's not original, it's not funny anymore, hasn't been since first year of college, it's not impressing anyone here.

I mean... printf("Happy new year\n");... Does anyone find it funny? Couldn't anyone here come up with that?

It only makes you look like you're 17 and trying to make a statement like "look at me, I'm so fluent at pro9ramm1n9, such a 1337!"


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    (if you ARE 17, it's OK. ;) )
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    @h3ll im 13, so Im out of there... Damn, Im so 1337!!! Look, at me... Im the m057 funny d3v 0u7 7h3re!

    Ok just kidding
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    To be fair just saying Happy new year is also something everyone can come up with so what are you expecting from the community? 😂 to just say nothing? Gonna get boring real soon then 😂
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    So glad to see that I'm not the only one hating code snippets used as memes.
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    @uddinstock how about born in the 70s, like me? ;)
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