When you have both Windows, macOS and Linux, keyboard layout is in the way.

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    Except you’re used to it after more than 4 year consistent switching.

    I don’t even bother with mouse sensitivity. I just know mac’s slow, most Linux is medium and my windows is always sonic fast.
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    Kinda funny how you said both and still be correct. Mac is the odd one out.
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    I use both american and italian layouts to the point I just alt-shift, use an accented letter from the italian keyboard, alt-shift back to the american layout. Kinda fun, freaks out non-devs
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    First thing I have to do on any Mac I use daily is grab Karabiner to fix the crappy "oohhh look at me I'm special" Mac keyboard mapping, and run some hacky commands to set the mouse sensitivity.
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    @piratefox About language layouts, I used 4 languages; and all are different, not only from macOS, but also from Linux (and in Linux, you can choose input engine).

    But that is not a problem to me. My problem is mostly Ctrl vs Cmd vs Shift+Ctrl vs position of these keys.
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    Windows​ - Ctrl fn Win Alt / Alt Ctrl

    macOS - fn Ctrl Alt Cmd / Cmd Alt

    When I install Linux on my Mac, I customize mapping to

    Linux on Mac - fn Ctrl Alt Cmd / Ctrl Alt

    But that of course doesn't fix everything.
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