I got a job offer today, and I think that finally, I've found a perfect job for me.

I'm looking for a Full *Stuck* Java Developer..." 😂

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    There were quite a few more gems like this in the message. For example some of the responsibilities were quite interesting:
    "Understand requirement and design of the product

    Develop the software based on requirement and design

    Work with Leads and report Daily status update and changes

    Ensure quality of the delivery and track all quality metrics

    Perform Design and code review with Leads

    Attend daily software status meetings

    Perform Unit testing of the software and report Bug in Jira

    Fix QA TIRs and release the software the QA

    Handle Changes requests and update the software based on CRs"
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    As long as they don’t expect 15+ yrs of experience in Rust, sounds easy to me according to those requirements.
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    @dder I mean, they can't even spell the job title right. Would you really consider working for someone like that.
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