A $7000 trash can, courtesy of Apple

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    Please devRant dont be toxic community. We already have that kind community called 9gag.
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    @qbons I agree, we don't need another 9gag.

    U don't like mac, don't buy it.
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    @Jase bashing product you dont like!? i love devRant community, i dont want such behaviour growing here.
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    1) the iCan is hilarious. Even if you don't like bashing, it's easily the weirdest design apple ever made. And they made the cube.
    2) Bashing is pretty subjective, and we already do it a lot with controversial topics like PHP and well..No other examples, PHP has a special place ;)
    Bashing requires a kind of violence, to me. This is just light-hearted fun at the expanse of Apple :)
    And finally, we can never turn into 9gag. Community here will never look like that.
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    wow $40 off
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    @rephiscorth I think the joke is more about Google than Macs (see the query text)
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    It's shaped that way because of the cooling. Check out the interactive spec page at apple's site
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    @fasttime Yeah, I was joking about the fact that those were what google brought up. I actually like Macs and MacBooks.
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    I think we shouldn't stop bashing but we should stop being offended by bashing of others.
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    @Aaronmacaron you're right. Let's be offended by those offended by the offender's. :P
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    Actually the graphics cards in those make them a good buy for some. And I like the design.
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    That's in our school 😂
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