Step 1: Download archlinux.iso
Step 2: realise your worthlessness
Step 3: Newborn awe for arch users.
Step 4: Ubuntu????

Just kidding though. Not giving up till system breaks atleast 7 times..😑

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    Define productiveness.
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    Oh don't sorry, if you're a newcomer to arch, you'll reach that way too soon 😜
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    Awwww yeah, newborn into the arch goodness! Welcome to the awesome, have fun, break things, that's how you learn!
    I feel like I'm saying this everyday, but if you have any problems, there's the arch wiki and you can find lots of awesome peeps on #archlinux on the freenode IRC servers that are ready to help you!
    Have fun man!
    ...And don't you dare go back to Ubuntu. :P
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    Honestly when I started running Arch all I did was break it for like a month. Once I got it going it's been absolutely beautiful. I use other systems but nothing feels quite as much like home as my Arch box. Continue along the path!
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    @Synth-Synapses @Romulus10 finally got it right! It was really difficult to install network drivers but in the end felt worth the effort. Cant turn back now😊
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    @FR4NKESTI3N I just got my arch partition on my Mac all nice and running today :D installed Matlab and stuff I'll be using this week

    It's been challenging, rewarding and fun so far, excited to use it more... It's so fast Haha
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    Yeah, the network drivers were the part that tripped me up too.
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