@dfox maybe add a "type" field at the bottom of the rant creation screen so people can classify rants as rant or !rant and not have to remember to type !rant (maybe auto-prepend "!rant")

Plus it would be nice to have the option to filter out non rants if people want to

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    I think it would be nicer to add categories. We can do much better than just Rant and !Rant
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    @dfox how about Rants, jokes, stories, tips... And maybe turn really common tags into categories.
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    Agree, I don't want devrant becoming another bloated social media to brag about life. I'm not interested in seeing "Just got a new job, wish me luck!". Fuck you you fucking low self-esteem fuckers who can't get fucking attention IRL. I signed up for reading rants not other devs lives... Fuck!
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    I like the idea of just keeping it boolean. If it isn't a rant, it should know it's a 'guest'.
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