How to not run a company 101. First lesson: this

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    Which company are you referring to?
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    @12bitfloat What are you on about? In Sweden we almost don’t even have cash anymore. Almost everyone here has a card authorised by Visa or MasterCard.
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    @Python Maybe it's just a german thing. Nobody over here has a credit card, we all use debit cards
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    @AlmondSauce the one that's cutting off a multi billion dollar industry.

    @12bitfloat that must suck. Cash is nice to some degree but cards and NFC payment are far more superior until society collapses lmao
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    @Stuxnet we have cards, but there are just not credit cards. Even if many people have a credit card, we mostly use a "Girocard." This is a debit card that is not issued by VISA or MasterCard but by the bank itself. It uses the Girocard standard, so you can use it in any shop that accepts cards.
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    @Stuxnet @Sumafu I never understood the point of credit cards anyway? it seems to just be a system designed to make you spend more. Quite happy with using just my debit cards.
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    @RememberMe So you *did* understand the point of credit cards?
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    @Maer fair enough xD
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    @RememberMe Maybe if you suck at money management, sure. Otherwise that's a weeeee bit of a stretch.
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    @F1973 ***accusations*** that they had rape and under age videos on their site because apparently they're supposed to control what end users up load like Zuck controls political posts he disagrees with lmao
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    @Stuxnet if I have X dollars and want to pay Y dollars where Y < X, why would I "borrow" Y dollars and then pay it back when I can just transfer Y dollars directly and be done with it?

    And if I want to pay more than X either I'm desperate or really bad at asset management.
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    @RememberMe cash back, and emergency situations.

    I know plenty of people that use their card for everything and just pay it off twice a month for cash back and to build a beautiful credit score.

    Like I said, if you suck at money management then yes. Otherwise, not really.
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    @Stuxnet yeah that's something I'm going to have to learn here. More pointless things the US makes me do, hooray. Since I'll start earning an appreciable amount from next sem I'll have to read up on all this crap, ugh.

    I'm quite decent at money management, thanks, I spend a fair amount of effort setting everything up. Just not in a system that makes you bend over backwards for no reason whatsoever. My complaint isn't really about it being less or more useful as it is right now, obviously I'll do what helps me more in the long run, but about the usefulness and validity of such a system in the first place.
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    Why would anyone pay for PornHub though? I dunno.. I don't use it very often, and when I do want to watch a video there, I just use youtube-dl and play it in a regular media player. The ads are too obnoxious, and MindGeek controls nearly all the porn sites and tracks you on all of them. The tube sites were supposed to be free, so I don't really see the point of credit cards. If you want to pay for your porn, that's the simp tax at Onlyfans ;)
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    " because apparently they're supposed to control what end users up load"

    I mean if Visa and Mastercard stopped processing payments because someone said some naughty words that's one thing.

    The content described is something that involves real harm to real people.... just not the same thing as just 'control what end users up load".
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    @Stuxnet Money management skills are a must have no matter where you are, but even with those, I don't think you could manage to convert "us" to that credit thingy the U.S. does :D
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    @Sumafu visa or mastercard doesn't necessarily have to be credit — it can be debit only also.
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    @Python Sounds like a soon to be monopoly by those two...
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    @Stuxnet credit score is a US only thing. Your system is rigged towards mindless spending.
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    @iiii K

    @N00bPancakes correct. But it's

    1) accusations
    2) if an end user uploads a video and it goes months with only getting a few hundred views without anyone reporting it, you can't realistically expect PH to watch every shitty home made video.

    I didn't dig deeply into it bc I honestly don't give a shit. So if the videos were left up despite being reported or PH being told they contain illegal content, then I'll concede that PH is definitely in the wrong. Otherwise, it's extremely unrealistic to expect them to know every single piece of content that's uploaded to their site.
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    @Condor The PH premium content sucks for the most part anyways lol

    There's nothing spectacular to justify paying for it
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    @electrineer yes, but they're mostly credit cards. Our Girocards mostly have a debit card of visa or MasterCard build in, so you can use them in other countries also.
    The reason why we mostly don’t use credit cards is simple. The Girocard system (formerly EC-Card system) was invented before credit cards were a big thing.
    VISA and Mastercard are US Companys, but the German and European bank system is far more advanced than the US one.
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    The history of credit dates back to the 50s, its purpose has mutated over time. To avoid writing an essay; they mostly exist as the formalisation of the debtor relationship that has always existed between Americans and businesses. The rich american is a myth, most Americans never saw the benefits of economic growth outside of public infrastructure; they have always lived on some form of credit.

    After deregulation occured, they exploded and became immensely profitable bc usury. After enough time passed, convenience sold to europe and companies there began adopting cards.

    Clever, well off people use them as cash flow control, flatmap over multiple bank accounts, or a means of getting additional discounts.

    Business people use them to float expense account payments.

    Poor people use them to get by.

    The system, per usual, is quite broken, and per usual, no one cares about fixing it.
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    Shake my sausage on credit nooooooo XD
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    Imagine paying there...
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    They've killed pornhub basically. All the videos are gone.
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    @iiii I was reading something and it said they'd be reviewed but I'm not holding my breath.

    Fuckin sucks man.
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    UK has credit score as well btw, issued by their own banks.
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    @Stuxnet I really doubt they will review 10 million videos.
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    @iiii exactly.

    However, if they're looking to hire for the position lemme get my resume ready lmao
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