You have to assume mongodb didn't make it that far 😁

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    We're going to ignore that these attacks were done against files?
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    @nitwhiz fingerprinted blobs?
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    @nitwhiz So in the future we store everything in a relational database it's like the Windows registry but better🀑.

    @ OP I think that SQL will be around for a very very long time. Not necessarily in the form we have now perhaps even with a deferent interface. Injections really should not be able to happen anymore though. Mongo is a rather specific implementation I think document stores and key value store will also remain (better for file storage too)
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    SQL is a concept of data access, not a specific system.

    Its like complaining they use the concept of an API in the future.
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    So noSql is still a thing?
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    Dude the timing of this, I was watching discovery the last week and had the same thought about that haha
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    Hasn't this issue been irrelevant since PDO prepared statements in like 2005?
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    @kwilliams not complaining. There's fascination, and then there's curiosity about how SQL injection will still be a thing at such advanced times!
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    "SQL injection" / "flux capacitor" blah blah, just technical-sounding terms they didn't quite understand.
    Like why the heck are you looking for "compromised" FILES when an entire database is compromised?!
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    And later, they can 'move' the data, but can't delete. 😁
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    It's funny... SQL could mean Structured Quantum Language.

    Or Spicy Quinoa Lasagne.

    Maybe Salty Quokka Lover?

    Who knows what SQL means in the future.

    Maybe even Squirrel Queue Loader...

    I guess they couldn't show how squirrels get beamed into a mainframe (injection) and eating da files. :(
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