Junior wanted to have a look at my CV to get some idea.

I told him "yeah sure" and showed it to him.

He applied to our company for internship. The CV is exactly same as mine with only name and work experience edited.


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    Knocked back I hope
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    @Jase He got the interview but was dropped from there.
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    Make sure he does not get the job.

    You definitely do not want him as colleague.
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    @Sleepy-guy I never say yes anymore
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    @Voxera Learning from someone with more experience, capable of adapting the acquired information for him self and doing it with as little effort as possible? If you don't want those people as colleagues, would you do me a solid and refer them to me? I'd love some more resourceful people around...
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    @Godisalie I disagree with you, but thanks for giving me pause to think critically about copying work as a potential virtue.

    That's some food for thought!
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    @stisch I think efficiency is a nice benefit for a coworker to have.
    His action is only a problem if both happen to apply to the same firm in a time frame that still allows HR to remember the other application. This is a incredibly low probability for complications and therefore, imo, doesn't warrant to reinvent the wheel instead of using what's already tested and works reliably.
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    @Godisalie depends. Copying is good when you do it to save time an resources but if you do it to try to pretend to be something you are not its bad.

    At worst he later copies some one elses work and claim credit for it, stealing it in other words.
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    sudo rm -fr ${dat shitty jun}
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    @Godisalie If he learned from my CV and used his own creativity then I would consider him clever and resourceful. That's the reason I gave him my CV in the first place.

    But copying it completely is just being lazy. In real life everyone does something different. So when he will be around me with a different task, he will sitting there like a dumb idiot.

    And fyi I didn't affect his interview outcome. It was made by my manager.
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    I had a friend who once asked me the same thing, to use my CV as inspiration, and forgot to change the contact number. You can imagine how awkward it was to answer the phone and get a recruiter asking for someone else :P
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