- Sleep 7h+ each night (you think you don't need it - but you do!)
- drink NO coffee (you've slept enough!)
- pair-up (you're not as good as you think)
- get a grasp on the problem (it's time will spent!)
- communicate constantly (you're not alonw especially)
- refactor just as much
- learn from you partner
- celebrate even small accomplishments (you need success!)
- go home and do something else (your pet project does not need more than 5hrs per week!)
- repeat (because repetition makes perfection!)

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    @thmnmlst - thanks :-)
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    I'm down with that! Well said 😁

    Especially the sleep part... I wish more programmers would actually go and fucking sleep!
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    I think you meant five hours per day, not per week. I'm all for taking it easy, but there are limits. ;)
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    First two are very important if you want to live past 60 without major health issues.
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    I read the last word as "repent" and was comfortable with it. Then I found to be "repeat" and whole rant now seems like a fairytale.
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    I push for 7+ per night but I like coffee too much. General rule is no coffee after 12:00. Hard rule is no caffeine after 14:00, (period).

    Excellent post for #wk34 though.
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    @GinjaNinja If only I didn't always get some sort of brilliant inspiration right at bedtime!
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    Spot on, but I would aim for 8 hours of sleep, and some need even more. Learn your sleep cycle!
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    What about if regardless when you get to bed, you always wake up 5-6 hours later.
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    Few more suggestions on pet projects
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    How can you do something for one hour per day? It's not possible for me to efficiently concentrate on the problems and solve them in such short period of time
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    @positivealex no it is not, but why not take Saturday morning off to code? :-)
    And also: find people to contribute to your projects - makes it twice the fun, tripple the learning experience and advancing your project could mean to review a PR and merge it!
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    @thmnmlst sounds - exhausting! Let me give you some pointers: http://michaelingold.ch/blogreader/...
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    @thmnmlst @enzian While I do understand the point and see meaning in that article , I think that most people will not be able to have this lifestyle . I for one work product security , knowing just frontend or knowing just backend is never going to cut it for me , I have to keep up with latest bugs in all the software we use and make . I work 10:30 till about 19:30 . I go to sleep at 2-3 and wake up at 9 . I drink a bit over 1l of coffee each day . I also have time for my projects and for my girlfriend and for games . Always getting a doctor check every couple of months . It's not a very healthy lifestyle but it's building a career .
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    i like this guy... 😃
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    Only thing I'd add is to exercise, desk job = round people
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    @adracea I see your point! Yet, I still want to challenge you to analyze what your scope of expertise is or should be: You're working security which comes with an inherent need for a very broad knowledge base over many areas and technologies! Where are your boundaries? Stay healthy!! :-)
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    I'm with @enzian on this one. Sure, you say you're "building a career" and that you do have time for social stuff, i.e. girlfriend, personal projects, games, etc., but before you know it you're going to be burnt out with that schedule.

    And for what? The sake of a few extra bucks at the month? The street cred? Brown nosing to the boss - which is the worst thing you could do!

    Head some advice... The only thing an unrealistic deadline gets you is another unrealistic deadline.

    Pffft... in the long run it's not worth! Do what you love and even then remember to not overextend yourself!!!

    You only live once, so don't spend it fucking working all the time!
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    @GinjaNinja That's the thing , all the issues aside , I certainly like what I'm doing , I like my workplace , it doesn't tire me , I haven't gotten any pressing deadlines in the past 3 months , I never stay extra for $$$ and even if my sleep time is crappy , I have a very relaxed life :) I only overdo coffee and I eat somewhat healthy . I'm not buttkissing my boss since we don't really interact that much besides the 5 mins every week . I get work done , I get payed , I learn , I develop , I win :) and sometime later , yeah , I die , but now again , so does everyone .
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    @GinjaNinja I will try😊
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