It's not everyday that I give Microsoft praise, but damn, the new Windows Terminal is... Surprisingly decent.

Together with WSL2, it allowed me to switch from working in a VM to working fully from Windows.

And with little tweaking of the settings file, it acts exactly the way I like.

Good job creating something modern, almost universal and usable Microsoft!

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    Try vscode with wsl development, then you will feel the power
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    @notSoCoolGuy Never used VSCode as I'm not a programmer or a developer, I take care of server administration instead :P

    Most of the time, I work remotely through an SSH session anyway. So all that matters is the GUI and usability functions.
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    They broke backwards compatibility for underlining text :/
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    @ostream which world are you in?
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    Windows Terminal is awesome, makes sshing to Linux workstation servers so pleasant

    Plus the CRT retro shader effect is awesome
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    Windows Terminal is mostly okay. Definitely a huge step-up from anything they've done before.

    WSL2 is going to cause you issues, though. WSL1 has been absolutely great for me (aside from the root escalation vulnerability I found...) WSL2 has been having a TON of issues for people corrupting files and whatnot.
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    I have tried WSL2 with Windows terminal and for Windows world was the best experience ever !
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    Too bad they dicontinued Windows though...
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