I have to do a research project for my computer science class and for some reason I chose cryptography anybody got an interesting place to start

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    What level is it? Is it general cryptography or can you be more specific? You could simply talk about file encryption and sharing, Diffie Hellman (i hope i wrote that right), or even SSL certificates.
    If more generic you can trace the history, with Caesar's code, Enigma, even locks ;)
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    I'm sorry, but that really sounds like you've come here and said "I picked this hard thing and would any of you guys like to do my work for me?" At least tell us some of your own thoughts/ideas and we might help you pad them out.
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    Sorry I had to be offline for a while... Anyway no not asking for work to be done I'm researching the general public private key sharing culture right now I was just stuck and wanted a lead sorry if I came across kinda dickish @samk
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