Need to go old school again, go back to hosting their own servers and peer to peer mesh networks. Eliminate the shackles of big tech... Eliminate the control and power they have over you. The only reason they are used is the idea of simplicity and low entry cost. But you pay for that later, when they deem you to be a competition, or don’t align with their goals.

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    They'll go to every level to stop you tho lol

    You go from their servers to your own and they just cut your internet service and prolly even your fuckin power lmao
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    The real problem is network effect. If you want to be free, you can write to a text file but Twitter has billions more people.

    You can develop perfect alternative but the success will depend on users’ willingness that says NO to giant social media.

    Yeah, different giants will cooperate against you to make it impossible.
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    Genuine question though - what's the alternative if you need distributed servers across the globe for reasonable response times?

    I could stick data centers in every corner of the globe sure, but that's simply not a viable option from a cost perspective. And while the likes of Azure, AWS etc. offer proprietary products, there's not a great deal of lock in if you stick to the standard, open stuff. (The problem is of course when businesses inevitably don't do that.)
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    For maximum independence, you need a sneaker net for bulk data exchange.
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    @Stuxnet oook, check this one out. peer to peer internet using the new lossless compression algo I just built
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    @Stuxnet It is out of fear of being canceled themselves that the other companies run away. I am not a fan of Parler, but I can see this sort of thing going in an alarming direction.

    Once you are deemed a deplorable, there is little recourse. I think this sort of issue will require some serious introspection and workarounds.
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    @rootinit most of the users and especially the UI on parler sucks but it's the precedent being set that is damn near irreversible and dangerous as fuck
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