I would love a small devRant sticker. So small that I can place him over the cam of my laptop.

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    @ScribeOfGoD you mis-read the post. He's requesting a different type of sticker that we don't currently make and already has more than enough points for stickers.

    And yeah, would be cool :)
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    I will buy the little stickers 👍👍👍
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    @dfox I already got my stickers and they are awesome
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    It could double as a sticker for covering Win logo on keyboard.
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    @Alkotronikk yeah devRant superkey stickers
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    @dfox ah, I see. I have not received my stickers yet so I wouldn't know, but from the pictures everyone posts of them they seemed small so I thought he was talking about them.
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    You can get little stiff stickers to cover up the drinking hole on a coffee cup lid. Something like this might work well. Easy to remove/reuse and opaque.
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