Man I'm only 4 years in and I'm so tired of writing bullshit code that no one cares about. How do people do this for 20 years. I don't know. Motivation is at an all time low. It seems stupid to me that instead being out there with the butterflies I am dying staring at a rectangle for days on end. FML.

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    I'm hoping to get to "bullshit code" level soon. I'm still at "OMG! WHY!?!!?"

    Seriously though, vacation time / maybe time for a more tech company or small tech company change... where you can do shit.
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    I do it for the $$$ not even gonna deny this. I get praise and glory at work for writting bullshit code to do shit here and there, mostly maintenance and automation, web sh, I do my interesting shit at home (AI and trying to learn compiler programming)

    I do get to pass some things to work, I have large python, go and clojure programs running in prod (I am pretty proud of those) but the biggest way in which I learned to ignore the boring bs code was to: not give a shit for it, build a life and a reputation. It doesn't matter that a 120 line shit throw away program fixed something, what matters is that I did it for that vp that needed x shit STAT, hence the glory, it didn't need to be a crypto based ai aws awzure yomomma docker kuberwhatever app with a JavaSoup frontend....it worked.

    Do the same my friend, learn to not give a fuck, get home, watch vikings or money heist, anime and wank to your hearts content.

    As long as you have a job, build your rep from it, as small as it may be
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    >"Man I'm only 4 years in and I'm so tired of writing bullshit code that no one cares about"

    Start writing code people care about. If not for your employer, do it for yourself+others. For example, volunteer your skills at a church, school, start up, etc. They don't care about 100% code coverage, they care about clicking a button and making the circle go round-n-round.
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    Try different work for a month - I recommend supermarket, fast food or construction work.
    Get paid and look back.
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    @vane exactly that.

    I'm cleaning toilets and floors etc. everyday as a sidejob (currently still a student) and I can't wait for the day when I get paid plenty and not having to do this shit work. I'm proud of my work even if I clean poop and shit like that. This job gave me enough motivation to keep doing what I'm doing to not end up here again.

    I think that most people that get paid a lot and don't realise that and this comfort, they would appreciate the comfort and high payment, once they start rubbing their noses on the floor to experience how the low paid people are doing.

    That way they would miss their old workplace again.

    I think they lack the sense of reality and live in a world of fantasy.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- yeah they cry that they earn money and live decent life 90% can’t afford.
    Most of poor people are happy cause they enjoy little pleasures like meal in restaurant once per month or sleep in warm place.
    But those bastards want more cause they were learning so much so they demand their evil pleasures.

    Insanity of this planet is funny as hell we all will end up at.
    Call me when you’re there.
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    @vane that makes it seem like they chose this path only because they heard that this is a highly paid job.

    People should do jobs they like doing. Otherwise we end up with shit like this.

    Calling you in a metaphorical way I suppose?
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- Well lots of people are in different places in their life they don’t want to if they don’t have rich parents who support them and encourage them to do what they love cause they pay for it and demand from their children to try different things to check what they’re good at.

    Lots of people make bad decisions every second. That’s simply life - most of times you can’t be where you want to be and when you’re there you want to be somewhere else.
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    @vane I dig it, look at the money in other fields is always a good indicator that would make one snap to reality. I took it as OP being burned out and bored out of not being able to do something highly significant tho, as in "i am only doing menial work and it seems that this is all there is, how do people do this for 20 years?" which I can 100% understand
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    @rooter Oh I like it, but I don't shy away from doing menial stuff to get a paycheck and move on to bigger things. I consider myseld a code mercenary, I wont neckbeard over shit of hold principles or other things in order to make a paycheck, I have been in retail for a while and a ton of really crappy jobs as I crawled my way through uni into later on fight my way into a full fledged dev position. I am so grateful for it that I won't hesitate at the chance to do things that others don't want in devopment for the sake of neckbearding e.g "ewww php" "ewww node", "ewww delphi" "ewwww classic asp" you get the gist.

    I enjoy it, but see work as a means to get a paycheck that lets me really neckbeard at home at my personal projects, during my work hours software development is a job and noffing more, at home do? brother we go wild.
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    @rooter you're a man after me own heart bro. Hope to buy you a beer someday 😎
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    So you made your hobby your job and now don't have a hobby anymore?
    Then you are like roughly half of the people in IT. Most of them realize sooner or later, that they need to care way less about their job - and need a new hobby, which is less mentally taxing (because coding still keeps being hard when you do it on the job).

    The bad news: If you don't switch to another profession for getting money, you probably won't get your original hobby back before you retire.

    The good news: There are tons of potential hobbies you could adopt. A lot of them can be fun without having to think too much. Some of them are sports or social activities, which might balance out the job perefectly. But even single-player gaming is better than not having a hobby that still is fun when doing it after work.
    Passive "activities" like listening to music or watching videos can also count. But most people need some active hobby too.
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    Could be worse & I'm getting paid for this. 🤷‍♂️
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    It's called segregation of responsibility.
    What I enjoy during work hours is the team, teaching, solving structural problems, and lastly comparing myself to 90% of the industry.

    Now I enjoy my children, spooning with my wife, doing IT weird shit projects at home, teaching, going to a good. restaurant, and mostly being fucking alive without money problems.
    And it's fucking amazing!

    Now, yeah like 30% of my daily routine sucks... But it still means that 70% it's cool.

    Happiness is intrinsic, not extrinsic.
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    Bruh. Been feeling the same way. Im fucking tired and my excitement for everything programming related is gone. Just have to keep doing it for the money so I don’t go broke.
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    FWIW, if you’re looking for meaning in work, you’re looking in the wrong place. Your work isn’t your identity.

    Find meaning for being with your relationships. Work is ephemeral. Relationships are what life is all about.
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    I like to eat.
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